Monday, May 27, 2013

An Old Favorite: "Ever After"

So I just watched the movie "Ever After" with my mom, an all time personal favorite! Instead of summarizing it or reviewing it, I thought I would share some of my favorite moments in it!

Favorite Actor/Actress: This honestly could have been any of them, they were all great. Something I noticed this time around was that they all have great little things they do that just add to their character; whether that be the way they hold their faces, or walk, or even speak.

But if I was picking one, it would be, without a shadow of a doubt, Angelica Huston. Her role as the step-mother in this movie was just spot on. Every little detail was perfect. Her true love for her dead husband, her jealousy of Danielle, and even the way she held her mouth. It was truly a great high for her.

Favorite Moment: Again the whole movie. But, for me, the best moment will always be the the attempted wedding between Prince Henry and the Spanish Princess. Her uncontrollable sobbing is just priceless and the King and Queen of France's reactions are perfect.

Favorite Lines:  I have two, one serious quote and one, not so serious quote.

Serious: "The point is, gentlemen, that they lived" This quote is at the very end, and was just trying to say that they didn't have to live happily ever after, they just had to live and be together and broke down conventional fairy tale endings (even though they are happy....oops).

Funny: "Divorce is something they only do in England" I just can't help but laugh every time the Queen says this!

This was such a great way to start my summer vacation. I will probably watch this movie a thousand more times before the break is up!

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