Sunday, May 26, 2013


So I guess I should tell you a bit about myself huh?

So my name is Andrew and I am originally from/grew up in Chicago, IL and moved to Portland, ME about 8 years ago.

Yup dats me and my friend Liz! Say hi Liz! <3

Currently I go to school at Drew University in Madison, NJ and am studying Theatre and Sociology as my majors and Business and Arts Administration as my minors (I'm a bit of an over achiever)

I also am an active member of DUDS (Drew University Dramatic Society), play volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, am President/Founder of HopeNow (an anti-bullying awareness and activism group), President of our Sociology Club, Orientation Committee member, Co-Chair of Special Events on our University Programming Board, and work for the Alumni House and Student Activities. OH and I am a tour guide. Kinda crazy, but I would rather by busy than bored!

I live in a theme house (kinda like a fraternity, but not really) called Asia Tree house and it is my favorite.

During the summer, I wait tables at Cracker Barrel (kewlest kid around) and work at a performing arts day camp (which I adore).

 I love old movies and planning people's weddings.

That's basically me.

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